MBrace – The Next Level of Safety for EMT’s

When a frontal collision occurs, a sensor detects the impact in a fraction of a second. Airbags are deployed from the multi-point harness, protecting the first responders head and neck.

New Airbag Development for Humvees

NBC News Today Show came to IMMI to witness a Humvvee Crash Test Demonstration showcasing new technology that can save the lives of soldiers in a Humvee accident.

Per4Max – New Technology Designed for Ambulances

Per4Max – Exclusive to Rev Ambulances helps protect Emergency Medical Technicians [EMTs] in an accident. Good Morning America [ABC News] shows how CAPE crashed tested an ambulance to show how much safer it is when EMT’s buckle up

NBC Today Show Bus Crash Safety Demonstration

NBC News investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen traveled to a commercial crash test facility to see what can happen when an accident occurs in a bus without seat belts, which aren’t required under federal law.

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