Applied Mechanics Support

CAPE offers the services of engineering and technical personnel, including an applied mechanics engineering staff that provides modeling and analysis support, from vehicle crash analysis to component stress analysis.  Applied mechanics analysis improves test efficiency and allows exploration of conditions beyond physical testing.

Once a model is created, multiple analyses can be conducted at a very low incremental cost.  Design revisions or material substitutions can be incorporated into the model and then analyzed under similar conditions.  This not only allows for direct comparison of analysis results, but it also enables engineers to analyze how a change affects other areas of interest.

Vehicle crash and component stress analysis are performed using modeling and dynamic testing. Engineers work with customers to quantify material properties and test the performance of their designs on-site, with an immediate feedback loop that helps enable swift product development.


  • Computer simulations estimate what could happen in a crash
  • Limits the need for destructive testing
  • Can be used for accident reconstruction and product evaluation
  • CAPE is a recognized leader in FEA simulation work