Sled Testing

CAPE is home to two different sleds to simulate the forces of a crash for systems and component level testing. Efficient pulse development enables CAPE to duplicate the deceleration from actual vehicle crashes or to accurately meet a wide variety of regulatory standards. With a broad range of capacity, CAPE’s sled testing offers customers an efficient, repeatable and less resource-intensive tool to evaluate their products.

Acceleration Servo Hydraulic Sled


  • 2.0 MN acceleration servo hydraulic sled
  • Capable of 70g at 45 mph (72 kph)
  • Servo hydraulic braking enables quick change of impact pulse
  • Pulses are accurately and repeatedly executed
  • Sled payload is up to 6,600 pounds
  • Reverse firing feature allows for precise control of ATD and test article positioning

Deceleration Sled

CAPE’s deceleration type sled is used for repeatable testing. Capable of loads up to 8,800 pounds, this sled can be used to test small systems (such as vehicle seats) up to entire vehicles.


  • Deceleration type sled for repeatable testing
  • Capable of testing loads up to 8,800 pounds
  • Various sled platforms, measuring up to 20 feet x 8.5 feet
  • Capable of testing small systems (such as vehicle seats) to entire vehicles
  • Capable of generating speed changes of 65 mph