Cab Integrity Testing

Fire apparatus, commercial truck, school bus, and many other manufacturers trust CAPE to ensure their vehicles’ cab integrity meets industry safety standards.

A cab undergoing this kind of testing must pass three performance criteria.

  1. After each test, the cab of the vehicle must exhibit survival space accommodating a 50th percentile male ATD in the median position without contact between the ATD and non-resilient parts for all seating locations.
  2. None of the doors shall open during the tests.
  3. The cab attachments may be distorted or fractured, however, the cab shall remain attached to the vehicle frame.

We perform three tests to SAE specifications J2420 and SAE J2422.

Roof Load

In addition to heavy vehicle cab integrity testing, CAPE’s Roof Load test center is used to apply loads to a variety of standards including:
  • SAE 3057 for ambulance bodies
  • SAE 2422 for commercial trucks
  • NFPA 1901 & 1906 for fire trucks
  • SAE 220 for school buses
  • FMVSS 216 for passenger vehicles and light trucks
  • ROHVA for agriculture, construction and UTV vehicles